5 BEST Exercises to Tone Your Thighs – Get Nice Legs in 2 Weeks. See a Noticeable Difference!

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The next exercise is one I never heard of before until I learned that it was one of the most effective thigh exercises: mountain climbers.

No, you don’t have to climb up a mountain 🙂

You just need to put your hands on a wall.

Make sure you keep your arms straight and allow your body to be at an angle.

From there, move one step forward with your right foot.

Then swiftly change your feet so that your left foot goes forward and your right foot goes backwards.

Do this for about three minutes.

Lunges are the next exercise to tone the thighs. 

I am not fond of this exercise but it helped me with toning my thighs so it was definitely worth the effort.  You need to stand with your right leg in front of you and the left leg behind you lining up with your right leg. From there bend your knees and ease into a lunge. Then, using only your legs, rise back up to the original position. Do two sets total of eighteen lunges each.

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