Scrub Your Pounds and Inches Off With This Simple Homemade Body Scrub! Recipe inside


weight loss tipsThere’s one great thing about body scrubs:

in addition to making your skin feel soft and beautiful,

they do help you shed a few pounds off,

if used correctly and together with a healthy diet.

So on this page, I will share with you a wonderful body scrub recipe that not only you can make at home in just a few minutes and very inexpensively,

but it also makes you

drop a few inches off the most problematic areas of your body.

So – if you have 5 minutes, just go and make it – your body will love it, and you will enjoy a lovely smell of it.

Because of this lovely smell, it will remind you of itself whole day.

So here it goes:

The Healthy Pounds & Inches Melting Body Scrub Recipe

– 1 cup of sea salt

– 0,5 cup raw sugar

– 0,5 cup coconut oil

– 1 big (or 2 small) orange or lemon (depending on your personal preference)

(I even like it with lime and mint leaves – smells oh so delicious, and it’s extremely healthy and effective as well!

You can also add some lavender leaves or scent, or basically any extract that you prefer)

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