Scrub Your Pounds and Inches Off With This Simple Homemade Body Scrub! Recipe inside

Most effective ingredients for dead skin cells: >>

The ingredients that work extremely well for dead skin cells

(the ones that get shed off your body when scrubbing!)

are sugar and salt.

A little warning – if you have some cuts left after epilation or any cuts at all on your body, keep in mind the salt might irritate them.


Mix all the ingredients together with a butter knife,
and add the mixture into a jar.

This amount will last for up to 1 week, and you should scrub your body every morning when showering.

Try it starting today – you will notice a great difference in just a couple of weeks!

The dead cells of your skin will be removed from your body, and this is why you will lose a couple inches here and there!

great scrub images: (contact us if you want to share an image)

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