Simple Banana Desserts To Make you Feel Full – Works Wonders For Weight Loss!


Healthy Dessert For Weight LossWe all know how hard it is to avoid desserts when trying to lose weight – it really is!

But when on a diet and trying to lose weight, you do not really need to avoid desserts and sweet snacks!

All you really need is find a way to eat HEALTHY desserts, and most importantly – desserts that would make your stomach feel FULL.

On this page, I will share with you two recipes that make a healthy dessert full of vitamins and nutrients,

give you enough energy for the day, and most importantly –

make you feel full sooner than you know it – which is our goal #1 when on a weight loss diet!

This is extremely good when dieting – cause you can simply have this dessert as your main meal for breakfast, or as a healthy snack!

Recipe #1: Delicious Banana Smoothie Cereal Dessert

– slices of 1 banana

– 0.5 cup of a light smoothie (berries and ice or similar) or fat free yogurt

– 0.3 cup your favorite “not too sweet” cereal

– some nuts and raisins

Pour in the smoothie, add banana slices and cereal in your bowl.

Add some nuts and raisins on top. Enjoy!

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