Simple Turkey Chili Recipe – Easy To Make and Easy to Lose Weight!

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Eat your favorite food knowing you are eating a much healthier but still yummy version and give yourself a pat on the back for aiding your weight loss.

Easy To Make and Easy to Lose Weight: Simple Turkey Chili Recipe

Step #1:

In a large soup pot, add one and half teaspoons of olive oil.

Heat it up on medium.

Next, add one pound of ground turkey to the pot.

Fry it until brown.

Chop up one onion and throw it in the pot.

Fry it as well until semi transparent.

Step #2:

Add two cups of water to the pot. From there, put in one tablespoon of broken up garlic, one twenty eight ounce can of crushed tomatoes and one sixteen ounce can of kidney beans which need to be rinsed, drained and crushed first.

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